Two men on probation following jail time in lobster case

Two men caught with dozens of illegally harvested lobster in August 2011 have been placed on more than two years of probation after spending three months in the Monroe County jail, authorities said Wednesday.

Carlos J. Infante, 43, of Miami and Angel Vigoa, 61, of Palm Beach County were arrested after being found with 53 undersized lobster and 49 wrung tails on the water.

They were aboard a boat seen running without lights at night, according to the arrest report filed by Lt. Ryan Smith of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The men were not charged with robbing lobster traps but officers noted the defendants were not licensed trappers and did not have any dive or bully-netting gear aboard the boat to catch lobster.

Infante and Vigoa pleaded guilty in November 2013, a few days before a scheduled trial. A third defendant has since died, the FWC noted.

Infante and Vigoa reportedly completed their 90-day sentences. In February they were sentenced to more than two years of probation and ordered to pay $5,308 each.