Tourist tells Key West cops adult club ripped him off through debit-card swipe

A Key West business notorious for overcharging customers through their credit or debit cards is apparently at it again.

James Clark Jr., 35, of Stafford, Va., reported to police on Tuesday that staff at the Adult Entertainment Club (formerly the Scrub Club) at Duval and United streets took $645 from his bank account when he authorized a woman there to swipe his debit card for only $20.

Clark told police he had gone to the club when a staff member invited him in for a sex show. Once inside, he was told it would cost $150, and he paid in cash, he told police. Then a woman about 23 or 24 years old wearing a bikini "invited him into a private room [and] asked him to get naked."

She told Clark that a tip was expected and not covered by the $150 in cash, so he gave her his card and told her to swipe it for $20. She came back and said the club's credit-card machine wasn't working and she'd need to run it as a debit card. He gave the woman his personal identification number.

She came back and, after 10 minutes, said the show was over, so he got dressed and left. He discovered the overcharges the next day.

In April, a Virginia man told police the Adult Entertainment Club swiped his card for $33,000. Hundreds of similar reports about the club have come in through the years.