Cops: Sergeant happens upon attorney in store bathroom snorting cocaine off the toilet

Some legal advice, especially for attorneys: Don't possibly flush your career down the toilet by being found by a cop snorting cocaine in a convenience-store bathroom.

That, says the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday at the Circle K store on Big Coppitt Key. The alleged snorter, Miami lawyer Kenneth Kukec, faces several felony charges.

The Sheriff's Office says sergeants Evan Calhoun and Linda Mixon were inside the Circle K when Calhoun decided he need to use the bathroom. When he opened the door, he "saw a man sitting backward on the toilet snorting something off the back of the toilet."

Calhoun turned around, walked out of the bathroom and told Mixon "there was a guy snorting drugs off the tank of the toilet."

Calhoun and Mixon waited for Kukec, 61, to come out and, when he did, handcuffed him, telling him this was a drug investigation. Calhoun shined a flashlight up Kukec's nose and "could see the white in color powdery substance in the nostrils' walls and hairs of the nose," according to the arrest report.

Calhoun then checked Kukec's pockets and found in them an open pocket knife and a small plastic bag containing cocaine. A later swab of the bathroom toilet turned up cocaine, the report says.

Calhoun also found in the back of Kukec's shorts a zippered pouch containing 10 syringes, more cocaine, a pill crusher and three bottles of various types of pills that later were determined not to be prescribed to Kukec.

Then the cops checked Kukec's rental car, which was parked at the gas pumps, and found in a briefcase inside it four bottles containing more pills, also not in Kukec's name.

The pills, 39 in total, turned out to be Oxycodone, morphine and hydromorphine. The cocaine, less than a gram, has a street value of around $50, Calhoun wrote.

Kukec was charged with possession of cocaine, four counts possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, four counts possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest. He was taken to jail.

Florida Bar records show Kukec was admitted to practice law in Florida in 1986 and hasn't had any disciplinary actions against him the past 10 years. Even though his office is in Miami, he's represented Keys clients in criminal proceedings.