Stock Island restaurant owner jailed for allegedly assaulting man during argument over bathrooms

The owner of the popular Hogfish Bar and Grill on Stock Island was arrested Friday night after an argument about who is allowed to use the bathrooms at a marina adjacent to the restaurant.


Bobby Mongelli, 57, was jailed on a felony count of aggravated battery. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says "numerous witnesses" saw the altercation unfold.

Agency spokeswoman Becky Herrin says a woman who lives at the marina confronted several Hogfish patrons telling them they are not allowed to use the bathrooms. Deputies say the marina manager said restaurant patrons are allowed to use the bathrooms.


Mongelli reportedly began arguing with the woman about her confrontation with restaurant patrons. Her boyfriend tried to intervene but "a struggle ensued" between the boyfriend and Mongelli, Herrin said. At some point, Mongelli pushed the boyfriend into the pool at the marina; the boyfriend hit his side on the edge of the pool.


When Deputy Donald Stullken arrived, Mongelli was sitting outside and the boyfriend was being treated by paramedics. The boyfriend was diagnosed with a broken rib at Lower Keys Medical Center.