Hialeah suspect quickly nabbed in Islamorada theft of $13,000 Rolex

Drug charges

A midnight disturbance at the Waffle House in Key Largo ended in the Wednesday arrest of a Key Largo man on multiple counts, including felony drug possession.

Nathan J. Knight, 30, was carrying nine pills when he was booked into the Monroe County jail. Tests indicate the pills were an illegal substance known as Ecstasy, a report says.

Deputy Shaun Lones said he found Knight and another man, both apparently drunk, inside a haphazardly parked truck with the doors open when he arrived at the all-night restaurant.

Knight was arrested on a count of driving under the influence and operating an unregistered vehicle. A search of the truck found two prescription pills without a prescription.

Knight remained in jail Friday under $27,000 bond on counts including drug possession and bringing contraband into the jail.