Miami Gardens man jailed after he's found with speared and undersized lobster in the Lower Keys

A Miami Gardens man was charged Monday with several resource violations after he was found with illegal lobster near South Pine Channel in the Lower Keys.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer Adam Garrison and Investigator Jeremy Munkelt were on water patrol when they saw one person diving along the rocks with a pole spear and one person under the bridge.

Agency spokesman Bobby Dube said the marine officers approached the man in the water, who said he was spearfishing. Garrison then talked to the man under the bridge and asked about any fish or lobster he had. He denied having any, Dube said.

But Garrison reportedly saw a towel hidden in the rocks along the water's edge and, under it, was a bag of lobster, Dube said. There were 23 of them -- 21 of which were undersized and five that were speared (spearing lobster is illegal).

Carlos Magraner, a 25-year-old delivery man, was charged with having 21 undersized lobster, five speared lobster, 23 lobster over the bag limit and not having a lobster measuring device. He also didn't have a fishing license or diver-down flag.