Police say Stock Island man steals Jeep, ends journey by crashing into trailered boat

A Stock Island man is cooling out the Florida Keys jail with no bond allowed after allegedly stealing a 1997 Jeep Cherokee from Stock Island, then crashing it into a trailered boat

Daryl Burgess, 24, faces a shopping list of charges: Grand theft auto, fleeing with disregard for others, driving with a suspended or revoked license, burglary of an occupied dwelling, reckless driving-causing damage to person or property, and petty theft.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and a Key West Police Department report, Burgess, whom jail booking says is a student, is accused of stealing the Jeep around 5:35 p.m. Saturday from Edward Dalton III of Fogerty Avenue.

Shortly later they received a report of it traveling on Maloney Avenue, swerving with no headlights on. Sheriff's Office Deputy John Gabay was in the area and spotted the Jeep exiting the Ocean Spray Trailer Park, pulled up next to it and shined a spotlight inside.

The driver, later identified as Burgess, looked at the deputy, then took off back up Maloney Avenue toward U.S. 1.

As Gabay turned on his lights and siren, Burgess reportedly made a left onto 4th Avenue, swerved several times, swerved again to avoid a collision with a garbage truck, then lost control, running across lanes of traffic and hitting a boat parked on a trailer beside the road.

Burgess was injured in the crash and taken to Lower Keys Medical Center. There, Deputy Matt Dowling searched Burgess' pockets to see if he had any weapons. In Burgess' pockets he had a camera, a pink iPod and an insurance card not in his name. The insurance card belonged to a woman who lives on Fogarty Avenue.

The camera and iPod reportedly were stolen from a Honda Accord parked at that address.

Burgess was airlifted to a Miami hospital the night of the crash for treatment of possible internal injuries, but was released the next day and taken to the Keys jail.