Pair found under Key West stairwell charged with prostitution

Key West police deal with lots of things -- drunks, drug cases, the usual assortment of small-city crime in a tourist destination. Prostitution is not usually on the list.

But two residents were charged with that after a city police officer reportedly found them "lying together" around 4 a.m. Sunday below a stairway at 1315 Whitehead St., and one of them told him her partner had agreed to pay her for sex.

Camille DeShawn Edwards, 44, and Yassel Parrado, who turned 34 four days before, are each charged with one misdemeanor count of prostitution. Edwards remained in jail Tuesday in lieu of $500 bond.

Officer Karl Malsheimer said in a report that he was doing a check of the building when he saw Parrado and Edwards under the stairs partially hidden by a piece of plywood. Edwards reportedly admitted to agreeing to give Parrado oral sex for $40.

Parrado, a fisherman, denied it, according to Malsheimer's report. He wrote that Parrado said the two met up around the corner and that Edwards told him to go with her behind 1315 Whitehead, which he said he thought is where she lives.

Parrado said he expected to have sex with Edwards but did not discuss paying for it. Edwards said Parrado lied.

According to the report, the two had previously participated in prostitution. Parrado was arrested with $944 in his pockets.

Since 2003, Parrado has had a variety of brushes with the law, including charges such as stalking, trespassing and possessing stone crab out of season. Edwards has a string of previous charges, too, including marijuana possession and trespassing.