Florida City school teacher faces DUI charges

A Miami-Dade school teacher is in hot water following her arrest in the Keys on DUI charges.

Samia Fernandez, 48, was jailed following a traffic stop at mile marker 79 around 1:46 a.m. Dec. 30.

Fernandez, who teaches at Florida City Elementary School, was booked on one misdemeanor count of drunk driving and one misdemeanor count of refusing to sign a DUI citation. She was later released from the Plantation Key Detention Center at 4 p.m Dec. 30.

According to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, a witness at mile marker 83 said Fernandez was going southbound on U.S. 1 in her red, 1995 Toyota Camry and almost hit about five cars. He added that Fernandez was “going to kill somebody.”

Deputy Garrett Test then began tracking Fernandez at mile marker 81, as she began to weave in and out of the center lane. He later stopped her at mile marker 79, as Fernandez stated she was trying to go to her home address in Miami.  

After asking for her license, Fernandez struggled to give Test her registration, instead giving him the first piece of paper she found.

“Fernandez gave me the same piece of paper three times, each time being explained it was not the registration,” Test wrote.

After a series of sobriety exercises, Fernandez was arrested and taken to jail, where she had her breath tested for alcohol. She also had a dog in her Toyota, which animal control had to take.

Two blood alcohol level samples came back as 0.221 percent and 0.219 percent, more than double the Florida legal limit of .08.

According to the arrest report, “Fernandez reportedly stated she was sorry and added she was a teacher and could lose her job for this.”

Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman John Schuster confirmed to the Keynoter that Fernandez has been a district employee for about 15 years. He said that their Office of Professional Standards “will review the record.”

Arraignment information for Fernandez wasn’t immediately available.