Update: Home-invasion suspect caught in Homestead

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says one of two suspects in a Key Largo home-invasion burglary that happened Thursday night was caught in Homestead Saturday. Such crimes are extremely rare in the Keys.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents found Brandon Rettich, 37, in Homestead, the Sheriff's Office says. Details weren't immediately available.

The alleged victim said Rettich entered his Drury Drive apartment at 3 a.m. through an unlocked door and, with another man, pointed a handgun at him and tied his hands behind his back with zip ties.

According to the alleged victim, 30, the two burglars took him to the home of his parents, who live nearby, and went inside through a window. Once inside, the two men shot him with a stun gun and ransacked his parents' home, according to the alleged victim.

He said he also heard one suspect tell the other to "pop" him, which the alleged victim took to mean kill him, says Deputy Becky Herrin.

The alleged burglars took from the parents' home four rifles, two shotguns and an undisclosed amount of hidden cash, she said.

Both men wore masks and hoods, but the alleged victim said he could identify Rettich because the men are acquaintances.

The Sheriff's Office obtained an arrest warrant for Rettich. He faces a slew of charges, including kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and battery. The second suspect will likely face similar charges, Herrin said.

Rettich has a Tennessee driver's license and most recently lived in a trailer in Key Largo. "But he apparently cleared out of it," Herrin said.