Cops: Drunken man harmed cat, which is found bloodied

A Marathon man accused of beating a cat while in a drunken stupor remained in the Keys jail Friday following his arrest Tuesday night.

Timothy Kummer, 29, is charged with felony animal cruelty on the cat and misdemeanor domestic battery on his mother's boyfriend.

The cat "was bloody" at the 43rd Street home, according to a report from Monroe County Sheriff's Office Deputy Garrett Bragg. "The cat was crying in pain and could not walk.... The cat had swelling over both eyes, a cut on the nose and was bleeding from the mouth."

On Kummer "was dried blood on his left shoulder and left bicep not from any injuries in those same areas. There were clumps of what appeared to be cat hair in the dried blood."

Bragg wrote that Kummer's mother Tina and her boyfriend, Alfred Skaziak, got home at 11:30 p.m. and found Timothy Kummer drunk and passed out on the couch with the bloody cat on his chest. 

Skaziak confronted Timothy Kummer about the cat and Kummer "became angry and wanted to fight," the Sheriff's Office said. "Kummer began grabbing and swinging at the boyfriend in an attempt to fight with him."

Bragg wrote that Kummer denied harming the cat, saying he only fed it.

Kummer was in the Monroe County Detention Center Friday in lieu of $10,000 bond. The cat was taken to a veterinarian.