18-year-old man reportedly admits to molesting 5-year-old up to 10 times

A Cudjoe Key man facing two felony sex-abuse charges involving a 5-year-old girl admitted he molested her nine or 10 times, according to an arrest report.

Johnathon Roberts, who turned 18 on Monday and was arrested Wednesday, is charged with lewd and lascivious behavior on a minor under 12 and sexual assault of a minor under 12. He's being held on $100,000 bond in the Stock Island jail.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office was alerted to the alleged abuse by the girl's mother, says a report written by Detective Lissette Zuelch. The girl told her mother Roberts penetrated her sexually and that it made her "puke," Zuelch wrote.

Zuelch's report has redactions but it says that someone in a "controlled call" with Roberts on April 24 asked Roberts if he "touched" the girl. "Yes I have," he replied, the report says. Asked, "In a way that you shouldn't have?" he said, "Yes."

The same day, someone who was part of the investigation set up a meeting with Roberts at Bay Point Park near mile marker 15, and the conversation was recorded.

The person asked Roberts, "What have you done to her?" He said, according to Zuelch's report, "I touch her lower body," her crotch. That's when Roberts reportedly said he touched her "no more than nine, 10 times."

During the meeting, he reportedly said he doesn’t want to go to jail.

On April 29, a University of Miami Child Protective Team was brought in and interviewed the girl. She provided many details about the alleged abuse, Zuelch wrote.