Man accused of selling pot on Craigslist. Ad said he had ‘top shelf’ weed for sale

Drug dealer pro tip: Don’t advertise you’re a drug dealer on Craigslist.

That’s what Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detectives say Rhamses Silva, 23, did. Silva allegedly posted an ad on the free classifieds website saying he had “medical high grade top shelf” marijuana, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Becky Herrin said.

Rhamses thought he had a buyer, but it was really undercover deputies who responded to the e-mail provided in the ad. They asked Rhamses, who lives in Miami-Dade County, to come to the Keys to make the sale.

Rhamses responded to the e-mail saying he had “fire” for sale. Fire is a common street name for high-quality marijuana, Herrin said. Rhamses told the undercover officers he would sell an ounce of the weed for $320.

The undercover detectives met Silva in the parking lot of a Key Largo convenience store Tuesday afternoon. He handed the detectives two packages of marijuana and they gave him the cash before arresting him.

Deputies found more marijuana, one Adderall pill and “various items of drug paraphernalia” in Rhamses’ car.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Rhamses is being held on no bond in Monroe County jail. He faces a marijuana possession charge with intent to sell, a charge of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, a charge of using a cell phone to facilitate a felony and a charge of possessing drug paraphernalia.