Key West police officer charged with domestic battery, is jailed

Key West police officer Nicholas Galbo apparently was on the other side of the law Tuesday night.

Galbo, 32, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor count of battery after a domestic dispute with his live-in girlfriend, Ashlynn Leighann Jones, 18, at their Key West home. As of Wednesday morning, he remained in the Stock Island jail.

According to a report by officer Thomas Stutz, Jones said the couple got into an argument Tuesday around 7:45 p.m. During the argument, Jones began to pack her belongings when Galbo grabbed her by her right arm and pulled her toward him.

Galbo reportedly told Jones if she left, they were "done." When she tried to pull away, Galbo reportedly did not let her leave, grabbing her by both shoulders and shaking her.

After Jones told Galbo she would call the police if he did not leave her alone, he began to freak out, grabbing her phone and throwing it, Jones told Stutz. She tried to run down the stairs but Galbo grabbed her again, lifting her by the armpit and throwing her over his shoulder to the ground, Jones told the officer.

She said that when she was on the ground, Galbo pinned her and put pressure on her shoulders and wrists. "Jones said the more she struggled, the angrier Galbo became," Stutz wrote.

Jones eventually freed herself by grabbing Galbo's genitals and elbowing him in the side. She ran down the stairs with Galbo pursuing before hiding along some bushes near North Roosevelt Boulevard. She saw Galbo in his vehicle searching the area and called a friend to pick her up before contacting police.

Police called Galbo and he was interviewed at the police station, then arrested.

Galbo, who makes $58,131 annually, according to an employee roster, has been placed on administrative leave until the criminal case and a police internal affairs investigation is complete, police spokeswoman Alyson Crean said.

Arraignment information for Galbo wasn't immediately available.