Second man arrested in Middle Keys lobster case

A suspected accomplice of a Marathon man arrested last week with 121 illegal lobster was picked up Friday, says the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Eddy Paret, 37, is accused of fleeing when Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer Oliver Adams and Monroe County Sheriff's Office marine deputy Wilfredo Guerra arrested Jose Carlos Acosta Arias, 37, on Oct. 5.

FWC Officer Bobby Dube said Paret was arrested on a warrant. He was found at 75th Street oceanside. He faces six misdemeanor counts including failing to have a fishing license on a commercial boat, resisting officers and possessing undersized lobsters. He was released from jail on $37,000 bond Friday.

The FWC says Arias was found with a mesh bag holding 77 wrung lobster tails on the oceanside of 74th Street in Marathon when he was arrested. Paret swam away, Dube said, but he said FWC officers knew who he was.

Acosta was charged with possessing 35 undersized lobster, in addition to possessing dozens of separated lobster tails on the water (lobster must remain whole on the water). Other charges include exceeding the recreational bag limit and possessing six stone-crab claws in a closed season. Acosta also faces a count of resisting arrest without violence.

Acosta was released Thursday on a $42,000 bond. Overall, he faces 121 misdemeanors. His boat was seized.