Cops: Stock Island man choked girlfriend, beat her with table leg

A Stock Island woman had to run out of her house and beg neighbors for help after her boyfriend reportedly beat her with the leg of a table and choked her, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office reports.

Patrick Westcott, 42, remained in the Keys jail Tuesday on $125,000 bond stemming from the Friday incident.

Deputies say his girlfriend, Brenna Benzarti, 31, called them about 9 a.m. and reported the two had been arguing. They had already been called there earlier but Benzarti didn't want to press charges alleging Westcott pushed her "because she was afraid of Patrick," Deputy Todd Jones wrote in his report. But Westcott was told to leave.

Westcott returned after police left and this time was different. Jones wrote that Benzarti had swollen eyes, a cut on her bottom lip, an abrasion on her right cheek and her neck was red.

Benzarti reported that she told Westcott she was calling 911, and that's when he reportedly became violent, pushing her onto a table, causing it to break; squeezing her throat and shoving a T-shirt into her mouth after she fell; punching her in the face; then picking up the metal table leg, hitting her in the lower back.

She got up and then fell into the couch while Westcott reportedly blocked the door. She asked if she could smoke and he said yes. That's when she made her escape, running out the door under the guise of allowing the cigarette smoke to escape the house at 6529 Maloney Ave.

Westcott, found at the 1800 Atlantic condo complex, is charged with domestic battery by strangulation, domestic battery, aggravated battery with a weapon, false imprisonment and preventing the victim from communicating with police.