Keys man jailed for drugs following traffic stop

A Marathon man who has a lengthy history with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office was arrested Tuesday on multiple drug charges.

Bryan Xavier Echeverria, a 21-year-old who lists his occupation as a bus person, was arrested during a traffic stop at mile marker 31 on Big Pine Key. He's charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, felony possession of marijuana (over 20 grams), felony intent to sell a controlled substance and a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

From November 2012 to this past week, Echeverria has been arrested 13 times in Monroe County. The charges range from theft to drugs to trespassing.

According to a report from Deputy Jorge Prince, Echeverria was pulled over in a black Toyota Corolla for passing in a no-passing zone about 9 p.m. Jorge Prince wrote he could "immediately smell the pungent odor of suspected burnt marijuana coming from the inside of the vehicle."

Echeverria was given a warning for the traffic violation and was told by Prince the odor gave him probable cause to search him and the car.

Echeverria admitted to having Xanax pills in his right pocket and that he did not have a prescription for them. Prince also reportedly found a blue aluminum bag with a cloud design and the words "The Original Cloud Nine" on it, as well as "Aromatic Therapy Blend Platinum" on the bottom front of the bag. Prince wrote there was a "green and leafy substance" in the bag that tested inconclusive for marijuana.

Prince wrote he also found a backpack with marijuana in the backseat and a small bag with a white powder residue.

Another backpack found in the back seat that had a glass jar, 12 empty small black bags and nine empty medium-sized bags. Four bags found in the jar had what Prince said had a "leafy green substance [that] had a total weight of 44.2 grams without packaging." It rested positive for marijuana.

As of Friday, Echeverria was lodged in the Marathon jail on $26,000 bond.