Student charged with drug possession after stepdad calls the police

A 16-year-old Key West boy was jailed this week after police said he had nearly seven grams of cocaine and Xanax pills stashed beneath his pillow.

Police did not identify the high school sophomore but Thursday released a redacted arrest report stating the case began when the boy's stepfather called police as an argument between the boy and his mother grew heated.

Tuesday morning, the boy's mother went into his room to wake him for school when she found a line of white powder atop a video game case, according to the arrest report. The mother, 35, flushed the suspected cocaine down the toilet and returned to the boy's room to confront him when she spotted a small plastic bag beneath his pillow, police said.

The boy tried to snatch it from his mother's hands but she told him to get out of the house.

At 7:16 a.m., the boy's stepfather called Officer Deglys Chavarria, saying the argument between the teen and mother was escalating and he feared the boy would strike her, police said. Chavarria is assigned to Key West High School as a resource officer.

Officers said they found 6.9 grams of cocaine, 16 Xanax pills and $600 in cash in the boy's possession and handcuffed the teen before taking him to the county jail on Stock Island.

According to police, the teen admitted the drugs were his but then said he found the pills in a Publix parking lot -- then changed the location to a CVS.

The boy at first said he bought the cocaine for $400 but then said he found it, police said.