These Keys kids are heading off for trips of a lifetime

At least 30 Monroe County students will get the experience of their lifetimes this summer, living overseas with families as part of a full-immersion education program.

It’s through the Experiment in International Living, a Brattleboro, Vt., organization that arranges the trips. Said organization Executive Director Aaron Morehouse, “These students will be traveling to 19 different countries and 24 different programs.”

Students are challenged to explore the host country through hands-on experiences in local communities through the lens of a specific theme, including sustainability and the environment, arts and social change, language and cultural discovery, leadership training, or peace, politics and human rights.

Eighteen of the accepted students participate in Monroe County’s Take Stock in Children mentoring and scholarship program. They will join eight other Monroe students selected to receive merit-based partial scholarships. The early accepted students are from the four Keys public high schools. Monroe’s students will depart beginning on June 27 in small groups with other students from across the U.S. and abroad.

Coral Shores High

▪ Jamie Ang, grade 12, Spain: Language and Cultural Traditions.

▪ Anthony Cosme, grade 11, Vietnam: Ecology and Conservation.

▪ Nicole Dotschay, grade 11, India: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, & Social Justice.

▪ Jorgen Heilbron, grade 11, France: French Culture & Regional Identity.

▪ Lorena Perez, grade 11, Spain: Language and Cultural Traditions.

▪ Alyssa Slocumb, grade 9, Japan: Japanimation—Anime and Manga.

▪ Anna Wright, grade 11, China: Cultural Traditions in the North.

Marathon High

▪ Claudia Cabrera Herrada, grade 11, Argentina: Photojournalism and Social Change.

▪ Milaydis Cruz, grade 11, Costa Rica: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Sustainability.

▪ Abigail Franck, grade 10, Germany: Contemporary Politics and the European Union.

▪ Natalie Mendoza, grade 11, Vietnam: Ecology and Conservation.

▪ Alejandro Parrado, grade 10, China: Ethnic Minorities and Contemporary Culture.

▪ Gwendolyn Rohe, grade 12, Spain: Regional Cultures.

▪ Amber Romance, grade 10, France: French Culture and Regional Identity.

▪ John Sheagren, grade 11, Ecuador: The Galápagos Islands and the Andes.

▪ April Sullivan, grade 11, South Africa: Leadership Development and Social Change.

Key West High

▪ Mairen Alzamora, grade 11, France: French Language and Culinary Traditions.

▪ Taylor Berces, grade 11, Italy: Language and Local Food Culture.

▪ Michael Cassidy, grade 11, Spain: Technology and Social Innovation in Urban Culture.

▪ Emily Conn, grade 12, Thailand: Buddhist Traditions and Contemporary Culture.

▪ Madison Garcia, grade 10, Peru: Ancient and Contemporary Cultures.

▪ Mary Gragg, grade 11, China: Ethnic Minorities and Contemporary Culture.

▪ Lucille Lannigan, grade 10, France: Painting and Photography in Paris and Provence.

▪ Cesia Mendez Tito, grade 11, Vermont Governor’s Institute.

▪ Kelsey Morris , grade 11, Mongolia: Nomadic and Urban Cultures.

▪ Angeesther Nafrere, grade 11, Tanzania: Coastal and Maasai Cultures.

▪ Divya Navani, grade 9, Argentina: Community Service & the Great Outdoors.

▪ Dawn Crystal Rengiil, grade 11, Brazil: Culture and Environmental Sustainability.

▪ Jasmine Sander, grade 9, Morocco: Multiculturalism in the Arab World.

Key West Collegiate

▪ Jasmine Fernandez, grade 11, Tanzania: Coastal and Maasai Cultures.

There are more vacancies available in certain program. Students should contact Heather Beard at (802) 258-3412 or at