A drugged-out babysitter had a needle, bloody jeans — and 2 kids in the car, police say


A 29-year-old Keys woman was jailed on Mother's Day for DUI after police said she was babysitting two small children while driving around high on drugs.

Erin Russo, who is listed as living on Ramrod Key, was found in a Big Pine Key shopping center parking lot with the car running, a baby on her lap, a small child in the front passenger seat and a hypodermic needle in the backseat trash, according to the arrest report.

A collection of prescription pills was found in a dashboard compartment, according to deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. A Dilaudid pill was found in the center console.

A preliminary urine test came back positive for cocaine and benzodiazepine, deputies said.

Russo was acting "fidgety" and had jerky movements, while her moods shifted from laughing to crying, deputies said. Her jeans were dirty and appeared to have blood stains on them.

Russo said she was going to Winn-Dixie and Bealls to buy her mother a Mother's Day gift and was babysitting the children in exchange for renting a room.

Russo's blood-alcohol level registered at zero but her mannerisms tipped off police that she was under the influence of drugs, according to the report.

"She also made several verbal sounds," the arrest report states. One sound was described as a horse nicker.

Russo on Monday remained at the Stock Island Detention Center without a bond.