She smashed a man’s ear with a can of olives, say cops, who call it a ‘deadly weapon’

Kristin Rutan Skivers
Kristin Rutan Skivers

A Marathon woman was jailed Wednesday after police said she hurled a deadly weapon at her caretaker’s head.

The blow from the weapon — a 16-ounce can of Bell’s Ripe Olives — cut the man’s ear, according to the arrest report.

Kristin Rutan Skivers, 32, was arrested on a charge of felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

She told Monroe deputies that she was in the kitchen of her Eastwind Apartments unit when her caretaker, Manuel Lopez, 63, grabbed her by her wrists. She turned quickly and accidentally struck his face with the back of her hand, she said.

Later when asked again about the incident, Rutan Skivers said she didn’t touch Lopez and doesn’t know why he was bleeding, Deputy Ian Douthirt wrote.

Lopez said Rutan Skivers was making mashed potatoes when she became angry, grabbed the can of olives and threw it at him. Police found pieces of skin on the olive can.

When they arrived at the apartment at 240 Sombrero Beach Rd., they found Lopez outside, shirtless, with blood trails down his chest and stomach. Blood drops were also on the porch.

Rutan Skivers told police she is on disability and has memory problems and described Lopez as her father-in-law. Before her father died, he asked Lopez to look after her. Lopez said he has been her caretaker and has her power of attorney.

Lopez did not want to press charges but police arrested Rutan Skivers based on the injury and the physical evidence, Douthirt wrote.