As Dorian approaches, Comcast opens free wifi hotspots to all Florida residents

Comcast says it doesn’t know how many customers lost cable or Internet service in the wake of Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Whatever the figure, it has set up a backup option should Floridians’ service go out — even if they’re not Comcast customers.

The provider says it is opening up its 200,000 Xfinity wifi hotspots in Florida to anyone who needs to use them, for free. An online map, found at, shows the hundreds of South Florida locations available.

A Comcast representative said it could not predict how many customers may stand to lose service. It said its repair units must give priority to Florida Power & Light crews before it can begin to inspect any damages to its infrastructure.

AT&T also has free wifi hotspots available at Starbucks and many hotels in the area.