Karen fades away in the Atlantic mid-loop, poses no threat to Florida

Karen fizzled out in the Atlantic Friday afternoon before it even had a chance to finish its loop, forecasters said.

The system still maintained winds near 35 mph, according to the 5 p.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center, but it lost organization.

“Therefore, the system is no longer a tropical cyclone, and this will be the final advisory,” forecasters wrote.

Karen, which crossed over Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands earlier this week as a Tropical Storm, weakened in the midst of a predicted clockwise loop that would have pointed the storm toward Florida and the Bahamas early next week. Instead, the storm collapsed into a surface trough Friday afternoon.

In the next 48 hours, the remains of Karen are predicted to begin moving west.

Alex Harris covers climate change for the Miami Herald, including how South Florida communities are adapting to the warming world. She attended the University of Florida.