Booze is more dangerous than pot

Marijuana is legal in several states.
Marijuana is legal in several states. Webmd.com

I just read an article about the deaths from using marijuana. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last year 17,465 deaths from using hard drugs — heroin, cocaine, crack, PCP, etc.

An additional 25,760 deaths from prescription drugs. And more than 30,700 deaths from alcohol consumption. Plus an estimated 2.5 times more from drunk driving. The total deaths from marijuana consumption: Zero, as in 0, nada, none, nulla (I’m Hungarian), ling (Chinese), mul’ (Russian),

So while the alcohol lobby is actively bribing congress to keep pot illegal, thousands of Americans are going to jail for smoking a joint, for a substance that had been medically used by Alexander the Great’s troops. The current medical professionals recognize the medical benefits yet our politicians continue to stick their collective heads up their collective butts. Welcome to the Banana Republic of America.

Eugene Nanay Jr., Big Pine Key