Letters to the Editor

The left’s real end game

This is a process. The Left has a process: It first begins with bringing down Confederate heroes like Gen. Robert E. Lee because he and others like him fought for the Confederacy. The argument is not that they committed treason against the Union of the United States of America; but that they fought for the South that wanted to keep slavery.

Then comes the argument that Thomas Jefferson should also go because he was a slave owner. Then George Washington should also go because he too was a slave owner. Then all others should go because well over half the men that signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the U.S., were also slave owners. Then get rid of the Constitution because it was written and signed by a bunch of white men who owned slaves. Then get rid of our racist flag and our militaristic national anthem.

Then get rid of Alexander Hamilton because he never made it to president (born in the Caribbean), and we need a spot for a woman in our dollar bills. In reality we don't want him because from day one he fought for a hard currency, tight credit and a balanced budget. Things that are an anathema in today's America.

Never mind that other great leaders of our hemisphere, like Simon Bolivar, liberator of most of South America, was also a slave owner. So were all the liberators of Cuba in its first War of Independence.

What matters is that the left can gradually debase and erase our history and create a new society and a new culture totally foreign to ours today and more attune with foreign ideologies that we have fought so hard for so many generations to defeat.

The process is on...

Frank Resillez, Key Largo