Letters to the Editor

Here’s what the left really wants

A Confederate statue is shown outside a Hillsborough County building Aug. 16 in Tampa.
A Confederate statue is shown outside a Hillsborough County building Aug. 16 in Tampa. AP

This is in response to the letter “The left’s real end game” by Frank Resillez.

I believe that Mr. Resillez has extrapolated from one fact all the way to unreality and beyond. Yes, some on the left have requested monuments to Confederate war heroes be removed, but Resillez also implies that we also want the removal of Jefferson and Washington monuments and that doing so will lead to the loss of our history, the Constitution and even the American way. Let’s be clear, it’s not the left that suggested removing monuments to Jefferson and Washington; that came from the current bully in the pulpit, President Trump.

Removing monuments to men who committed treason, started the KKK and defended slavery is a step toward healing old wounds, not erasing history. The left does not want to erase our history, as Resillez claims. Instead we want and we need to remember our history so our nation can heal.

It must be pointed out that Robert E. Lee himself was against a Confederate monument being put up at Washington University, where he was president after the war. Lee felt that it would only prolong the healing process. Lee also requested that there be no Confederate flags at his funeral and that he not be buried in his Confederate uniform.

Rather than removing monuments, installing a new plaque might be the solution. Robert E. Lee plaques might read:

“Robert E. Lee, a West Point graduate, committed treason when he chose to fight for the Confederacy rather than for the United States, during the War of the Rebellion. The War of the Rebellion was a result of southern states seeking to maintain their way of life on the backs of millions of slaves. Although an extremely able commander, Lee surrendered April 9, 1865, to Union forces and should be remembered as being defeated. This plaque seeks to remind all who visit here of a dark time in the history of the United States, and is here not to further divide us, but to encourage us to remember our past and stand together as one nation.”

In his last paragraph Resillez implies that the left wants a future that has a new society, a new culture that is foreign to today’s. Quite true, that is what we want, we want a future where everyone is truly equal, economically as well as socially, and a future where all can pursue happiness on equal footing. That’s the left’s real end game.

Sue Cunningham, Tavernier