Letters to the Editor

Never evacuating again

Why are property owners, tax paying property owners, being barred from their property Are we supposed to let everything rot and mold while those whom know what's best for us restore power, water, pave the roads and restore the Florida Keys to a condition before the hurricane?

Are these people babbling morons, or just plan stupid? As far as I'm concerned, they are doing a poor job looking out for my interests. We property owners know what conditions are in the Keys. No water, no power, no nothing. So that’s what I'll bring it with me.

I have gas, generators, 55 gallons of diesel fuel, 100 pounds of ice and enough food to last me far longer than will be necessary.

What's behind this mess and who we can hold accountable? I ask you this: If we can not regain access to our property in a reasonable manner, do think we will be willing to leave it the next time a hurricane comes our way? I'm not going anywheres myself.

Garland Vance, Big Pine Key