Letters to the Editor

Hold FPL to the fire

Re: The saltwater plume coming from FPL's Turkey Point cooling canals that threaten the Florida Keys well field: The answers and action are very simple and obvious. FPL shall:

  • Reduce power output immediately to reduce demand on the cooling canal system.

  • Install line-of-extraction pumps (a pump every quarter mile) west of the plume ahead of the plume immediately under an emergency order or Miami-Dade County will by law treat this water as any other release of pollutant is. If it were oil you would not inject it back into the ground.

  • Line the canals and correct the source within two years, one by one. It can be done -- cofferdams and concrete with a traffic coating.

  • Treatment should produce water free of salt, ammonia and tritium.

  • Compensate all property owners in and around the plume as any other responsible party is required to do by law.

  • Tritium-laced salt shall be disposed of as any other hazardous substance, as it will be concentrated.

  • Prove all levels have been restored back to pre-FPL conditions as required by Law.

FPL has proven itself a selfish community member and litigation and executive orders should be immediately sought. It is disappointing that private companies and a few municipalities haven't received the support they deserve on this issue.

This is Miami-Dade's wake-up call to physically take action. This is far more serious and Miami Dade County is doing too little too late to correct this. Time to act.

Richard Reynolds

Cudjoe Key and Coral Gables