Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the memory jolt

Thank you, Keynoter, for again featuring a memory-inducing photo from Marathon's past in your June 25 edition. The photo was from Old Town Marathon, which back then was nearly all there was of Marathon.

The fire station building also housed the community ambulance, which was actually a modified Cadillac automobile. Bill Macon was a major front-line force in the fire department and the ambulance corps, both of which were entirely unpaid volunteer organizations (we still have some of those heroes here in town.) The additional truth is that Bill really liked to drive – fast.

He said that when he drove the ambulance, he made it from here to the hospital in Homestead in one hour. Yes, one hour. Thankfully, back then, there was very little traffic and the speed limit nearly all the way was "suggested" to be 65 mph.

Arnie Steinmetz, Marathon