Letters to the Editor

Let’s get back to Keys time

Maybe someone can explain to me why everyone is in such a rush these days, zigging and zagging down our simple two-lane road.

So many talk about this awful traffic and the awful drivers from the mainland – but have you stopped to look at the tags of many of these cars we claim are the problem? I think you’d be as surprised as I was to see that so many of them are locals. Every day I drive over 20 miles to work and witness these aggressive driving tactics and when the car zips past me honking its horn, I see that more and more these days it is locals. So again, I ask, what is the rush?

Is it really necessary to flash your lights at the car in front of you just because they are going the speed limit? I thought we were all on Keys time down here and we all have Keys disease. I think it’s time that we all start practicing what we preach and start leading by example. Stop complaining and blaming everything on Miami (which as a reminder is 50 percent of our revenue stream). Put your phone down, take a deep breath, slow your roll, enjoy the trees outside your window, wave to people you don’t know, smile and get back on Keys time.

Stephen Gonzo, Key Largo