Letters to the Editor

Garcia helped the Keys

Over my years on the Islamorada Village Council we had to deal with (and solve) the single largest issue and project facing our community; the waste water project. We needed allies to help us receive outside funding and we turned to Congressman Joe Garcia.

I'm glad to have worked with Joe on projects that made a difference for our community. When I told Joe about our waste water project and the financial burden it was placing on our citizens, he went to work helping us secure money from the Army Corps. He encouraged us to work with the Key Largo Waste Water District and Marathon to set up a system to help this funding become ongoing. He also worked with us on the management plan for Florida Bay to make sure the Keys’ fishing industry wasn’t devastated by bureaucrats in Washington.

On August 30th, I’m voting for Joe Garcia to be our congressman once again. The Florida Keys have a set of the most unique challenges facing any community in the country and we need an elected leader like Joe who has shown he understands those challenges and will work with local leaders and the community to find solutions.

Ted Blackburn, former Village of Islamorada mayor, Islamorada