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Last year their boat busted. This year they are champs of the Havana Challenge

Rio O'Bryan (left) and Andrew O'Connor won the Havana Challenge.
Rio O'Bryan (left) and Andrew O'Connor won the Havana Challenge.

The two sailors whose boat broke apart in last year's first Havana Cat Challenge, a 100-mile sail from Key West to Cuba, emerged as victors this week.

In fewer than 10 hours, Rio O'Bryan and Andrew O'Connor, both of Key West, brought the 16-foot Hobie Cat catamaran Tequila Sunrise from the tip of Florida to Marina Hemingway in Havana, Cuba, first organizers said.

Carina with Ken Harrelson and Rick Colberg came in second while the Miss Jones with Richard Hatch and Ric Law came in third.

Of six boats in the race, three completed the trip while the other three were stymied by boat damage. An 18-footer sailed by Guy deBoer and Dustin Gray suffered a broken mast offshore of Key West and was towed back within an hour of launch.

Goat Rodeo with Eric Youth and Tim Flanagan didn't finish due to a fallen mast. R&R Time with Ron Crockett and Rebekah Taylor also didn't finish.