The problem with this recalled piece of diving equipment can pose a ‘drowning hazard’

The Shearwater Yellow Diving Pressure Transmitters have a problem that can be fatal
The Shearwater Yellow Diving Pressure Transmitters have a problem that can be fatal U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Wireless diving transmitters give scuba divers a tank pressure reading during a dive. Failure can be a problem of peak seriousness, which is why Shearwater recalled its yellow diving pressure transmitters in the United States and Canada.

The exact problem, as stated in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announcement: “The transmitters can fail to signal the tank pressure due to interference while using two transmitters in the same dive. This poses a drowning hazard to divers.”

Shearwater, a Canadian company based in Richmond, British Columbia, has heard about the above problem happening during one dive.

“We discovered yellow transmitters may have the same transmission interval as the one found in gray transmitters,” the Shearwater website says. “When transmitters of both colors are used by the same diver in the same dive, signal interference could be produced between transmitters causing dropped signals and loss of communications.

“Although the chance of this occurring is small, the potential is there.”

The gray transmitters are not being recalled. The recalled transmitters were sold from June 2017 through November 2018. “FCC ID: MH8A” is on one end of the transmitter. The packaging had part No. 13009 or 13009-01. The serial number starts with FK or BM and is eight digits.

Shearwater offers a free repair or exchange. While they’re not offering a refund on the $350 transmitters, consumers who want one should press the issue.

Whether wanting refund, repair or exchange, contact Shearwater at 888-875-9745 from noon to 8 p.m., Eastern time, Monday through Friday or email info@shearwater.com.

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